Some of our favorite online read alouds!

Sneezy the Snowman

The Snowy Day

Pete the Cat: Snow Daze


Activities to stay warm inside!

Balloon Tennis!

** you will need paper plates, popscicle sticks, and balloons for this!

A fun idea to make and decorate some ‘tennis rackets’ and play a game of tennis with balloons!

Link from  Glitter on a Dime

Snowman Snack!

**you’ll need marshmellows and pretzels for this activity and snack!

A yummy way to warm up after some outdoor fun!

Link from Happy Home Fairy

Cardinal Hand Painting

**you’ll need paint, paper or canvas, and little hands for this one!

A cute and fun activity that can double as a gift later on!

Link for House by Hoff

Picture from House by Hoff

Outside Activities!

Winter Scavenger Hunt

*you’ll need this free printable or to make one of your own!

Why not bundle up and head outside for a scavenger hunt!

Link from Woodland Woman

Potato Head Snowmen!

A favorite from our Facebook Page! Grab some potato head pieces or other extra toys and us them to make snow men!

Here’s a picture from Miss Dana!

Link from Happy Hooligans

Snow Paint!

*you’ll need food coloring, and squeeze bottles or paint brushes

Make your own food coloring based snow paint and create a masterpiece!

Link from Premeditated Leftovers


Have a fun stay at home hack of your own? Let us know using the form below and we’ll add it to our database!