Did you know that December 4th is national Cookie Day? We don’t know about you but we love any excuse to celebrate a sweet treat!! This post will have some fun activities, information, and recipes so that you can celebrate at home!!


What is National Cookie Day?

-From National Day Archives

“National Cookie Day celebrates the cookie. Outside of the U.S., most people refer to cookies as a “biscuit.” A cookie is a baked or cooked dough that is small, flat and sweet. It usually contains flour, sugar and oil or fat. People often add raisins, oats, chocolate chips or nuts.”


What’s your favorite cookie?

According to the Cravory, Americans overwhelmingly prefer the chocolate chip cookie!!

-From The Cravory

The chocolate chip cookie is far and away America’s favorite cookie This should come as no surprise to anyone who enjoys the tasty treat. More than 53% of American adults prefer the cookies over the next most popular kind, peanut butter. Peanut butter cookies are the preferred cookie for about 16% of then nation, while about 15% of people like oatmeal cookies the best.”

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Try some new recipies!!

National Cookie Day is a great time to try some new to you cookies!! Here are 2 we found that sound delicious!! If you try one of these out make sure you contact us HERE!!

Christmas Cake Mix Cookies

Italian Lemon Drop Cookies


Fun Cookie Day Activities!

How else would you celebrate cookie day? How about a cookie decoration party, or a fun story time activity? There are great ideas right here at the library!!

Click on the book below for a read aloud Story Time!



And you can click on these pictures to print some fun coloring activities!! (These are also printed and available at the library!)




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